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Green Cabs provides services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Surfers Paradise.

Green Cabs' riders provide a professional and safe service, get fit, earn a good income and have lots of fun.

If you want to see what it’s like to be a Green Cabs rider watch these short YouTube videos made at our Surfers Paradise location (Note: 10pm music curfew rule mentioned in the training video only applies at Surfers Paradise):

Training Session

Current rider view 

New rider view 

If you want to work as a Green Cabs' rider, please fill out the application form below. You will receive an email confirmation within the next two business days.

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rider testimonials

James Hopchin, Canada 'Thanks for the opportunity to work for Green Cabs, it was certainly a unique experience and probably the most fun I've ever had at work! 

Immo Hefter, Germany 'I was just looking through my pictures on my computer when I found the good old Green Cab pics. It reminded me of the great time I had working as a driver; exhausting, but I never earned that much money so easy and with so much fun!'

Jeremy Lagiere, France 'So I will leave Australia, and I enjoyed my trip here. My experience in Australia will be associated with Green Cabs, a real good job. Free to choose when I work, I didn't need an alarm to wake up. I stayed in the best places of Brisbane and I improved my English. I am happy you gave me a chance to work in Brisbane, and I think your business is really fair with riders.'

Timmy Joseph, Australia 'I want all my jobs to be like this one. You look forward to going to it and you love talking about it when you come home.'

Zach Wu, Taiwan 'I have to say that it is really enjoyable and unforgettable working in GC, not only because it is a well-paid job, but also a good exercise and quite special experience than other people who came from other country like me. And I really thank you for that. I hope one day in the nearly future when people say about Brisbane they will also think about that there is a Green Cab as a symbol of Brisbane. I am proud to be part of the GC company!!'

Remi Warluzal, France '... a massive thanks for this experience, which was from the beginning until the end amazing. I mean, what a great period, riding a bike, meeting new people, speaking English, protect the planet, and more...'

Pedro Mendes, Brazil 'It has been great working on Green Cabs. A great experience without doubt.'

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